Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tomahawk missiles

In 2002, the Spanish Army signed some agreements with the US Pentagon to become the third most important army in the world, after the US Army and the British Army, thanks to the incorporation of Tomahawk missiles in the Spanish navy. These missiles can kill people at a thousand miles, which are justified by the military nonsense as “being able to attack a target without risking human life”. Needless to say, human life refers to the life of the pilot dropping missiles. The first order for 24 missiles was delivered in 2007 and it cost 72 million euros. There will be more orders like this because each Spanish frigate is supposed to carry 12 missiles. To put figures into context, 72 million euros is 2.5 times more than the budget of the Spanish government in 2009 to take measures against gender violence (28,321,180 €).

  1.  Article in the Spanish newspaper El País (14/05/2007) about the purchase of missiles: 
  2. Spanish General National Budget 2009. Ministry of Equality (page 37):

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