Sunday, August 8, 2010

Which is the budget of the Royal Household of Spain?

As it is the case of Defence, the cost of maintaining the Royal Household is difficult to know. In the General State Budgets of Spain, there is a clearly assigned item for the Royal Family (8,663,020 € in 2008), but there are other hidden items within the budgets for Home Affairs, Patrimony, Defence, etc. It is estimated that the real annual cost of maintaining a monarchy amounts to 25 million euros, which is three time and a half more than the budget of the Ministry of Education in 2009 meant for continuing education for teachers (6,310,360 €) and almost two times more than the expenditure in childhood and family services (13,540,530 €).


  1. Official budget of the Royal Household of Spain (spanish): 
  2. Article in the Spanish newspaper El País about the difficulties to know how much the Royal Family gets (spanish): 
  3. Article in the Spanish newspaper El Economista estimating that the actual budget for the Royal Family amounts to 25 millions euros: 
  4. Spanish General State Budgets 2009 (Education): (see page 121)        


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