Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let blood flow!

One out of ten people admitted in hospital needs blood, and this is a lot of blood. As we cannot manufacture blood artificially and we have not found any replacing fluid yet, the only way to get blood for patients is from donors. Last weekend, Barcelona held the Blood Donation Marathon which aims at increasing donations and get visible in the mass media, as the situation is rather critical, not now but always: as you can see in the website of blood donors of Catalonia, the day before this blood donation marathon, the blood stock was enough for only four days.
All you need to know about blood donation:
- It is a painless procedure, there is no risk of catching any infectious illness and the whole process lasts less than fifteen minutes.
- You can give blood four times a year and you have to wait at least two months between donations.
- If you give blood in spring, summer, autumn and winter you will help save 12 lives.
- You can give blood all year round and you are very likely to have a blood donation centre nearby. Check it on the web.


  1. Blood Donation Marathon in Barcelona:
  2. Website of blood donors of Catalonia:


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