Sunday, November 6, 2011

The recycling game

How about playing a little game this week? We all supposedly know which recycling bank is the most suitable for our rubbish, do we? It seems easy: old newspapers go to the paper recycling container, withered lettuce leaves go to the food recycling container… but what about corks, champagne bottles, tinfoil, thermometers or incandescent light bulbs? Try to finish our game without making any mistakes. It is not so easy, the results may come as something of a surprise!

There are many websites devoted to residue disposal and refuse collection. If you are really interested in this issue or you have some doubts about it, you’d better check it out with the local refuse collection services of your town. This way you can make sure that you are following the correct disposal criteria of your local public services so you make recycling as efficient as possible.
Just as a reference example, here you can check the criteria and recommendations for refuse collection of the Town Council of Barcelona:

You can use the following code to embed this game into your website:


  1. If you are new to recycling, you may start from collecting bottles and old documents and files. There are services that recycle these materials. If your papers are highly important or holds valuable information like bills, you may want to hire a shredding services Orange County first to shred these documents.


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