Sunday, March 25, 2012

What do you know about Africa?

Africa is often on the news, but usually just for its negative side: starvation, war, exploitation of natural resources, corruption, dictatorships or abuses against human rights. This negative side is part of Africa, but Africa is much more than that. Africa, like other continents, has a rich cultural diversity and scenery, but we barely get information about it. To begin with, Africa is made up of more than fifty different countries, but we usually talk about Africa as if it was a homogeneous continent, without making differences between African countries. However, Africa is not a country
Just to check how little we know about this continent and how difficult it is for us to tell the differences between African countries, we suggest that you play our game: 15 questions about music, literature, science, arts, nature and society, which are part of human cultural history, and you have to guess which country we are talking about. If we asked similar questions about American or European countries, you would likely get all answers right. But let’s see how many right answers you can get when talking about Africa. Just click and find it out!

  1. Africa is not a country is the title of a collective blog about this continent in Spanish. We strongly recommend it:    
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  1. What is the purpose of this post? Any idiot with half a brain knows Africa isn't a single country.
    Did you get bored that day when writing this?

  2. I absolutely agree. People used to leave all the misfortune for Africa. However, there are many rich and successfully developing countries like Algeria and of course a lot to see for a tourist, especially after a year spent writing reviews of essay writing services.


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