Monday, June 11, 2012

Will we ever get arms under control?

Last year we wrote a post in our blog about the international campaign Control Arms. It isn’t just any campaign: it is one of the most important steps made by human beings to live in a peaceful world. And the crucial time for this campaign, which was launched almost ten years ago, is next July, when the Arms Trade Treaty Diplomatic Conference shall decide whether this treaty is enacted.
Why is there no international treaty regulating arms trade? This question was asked by a group of Nobel Peace Prizes at the end of the 90s, and it eventually materialized in the Control Arms campaign in 2003, which was promoted by such civil society associations as Amnesty International and Oxfam.
As there are no laws regulating arms trade, arms dealers can sell their stuff everywhere, even in countries violating essential human rights. As arms trading is unpunished, one out of every ten people has a weapon and every year 12,000 million bullets are manufactured, which are enough to kill twice all the inhabitants of our planet. And this is not just a threat: every day 2,000 people die due to this trade.
If we had an international treaty regulating arms trade worldwide, we could end up with the selling of arms and ammunition in countries where human rights are at risk, and we could prevent genocides and avoid a never-ending poverty. For instance, such a treaty would urge the Spanish government –one of the countries strongly involved in arms trade—to account for it before international laws.
So far, this campaign has been quite effective. In 2006, the then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was convinced, and 153 countries cast a favourable vote to draw a treaty about arms control. Only one country rejected this treaty: the United States. Now, in July, it is the definitive voting and the civil society should put pressure to counteract the arms lobby.
All kinds of campaigns are important, but this campaign is crucial because the future of millions of people is at stake. We should all do our bit to make this treaty come true. You can put pressure, talk about it with your friends, gather information about this treaty and sign here to support this campaign.
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