Monday, October 1, 2012

KM 0 restaurants

Every year, 29,000 million kg of food is imported in Spain. That is, more than 700 kg every year per citizen. This is a major environmental atrocity, so in this blog we recently talked about some worldwide initiatives that advocate for local produce. In short, it is all about consuming products and food grown or manufactured nearby, so that we can all reduce the environmental impact of transport and reduce the problems of single-crop farming in Third World countries.
These initiatives are known by many names: km 0, 100-miles diet (or 100-km diet), Local Food, low CO2 diet or Locavore, just to set a few well-known examples, but there are many more.  
As any other change in our habits, promoting local produce in our everyday life is not easy and it will take its time. Although people have talked about it for a long time, there are not too many people who follow this diet. But consumers are gradually taking into account proximity values when going shopping.
One of the main actors implementing this “new” consumption model (which is not new, because our grandparents followed it) are restaurants. Recently, many bars and restaurants joined this movement and they play a significant role in promoting its qualities and making people realise that this is the only sustainable possibility. Thanks to these restaurants, citizens can have access to an excellent cuisine (with great variety and excellent quality) without importing products from far-away countries. And this movement includes bars serving sandwiches as well as sophisticated restaurants.
When we choose a restaurant, we usually take into account several factors: quality, price, location, the premises, the waiters’ kindness and the cook’s skills. From now on, we should include a new factor: local products. To help you in this hard choice, here you have some websites with the best Slow Food restaurants. Bon appetite!

KM 0 restaurants:

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