Monday, November 5, 2012

Lo que hay que Wert!

For the first time in our blog, we are not the authors of this post. Our guest is José Ignacio Wert, the current Spanish Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, because writing about cuts in the Spanish education system only requires a copy-paste of the Spanish Minister’s best quotes about education.  Such shameful pearls of wisdom are published in the website Lo que hay que Wert, which is a campaign launched by the NGO Educación Sin Fronteras (Education Without Borders) to claim that the education budget of 2013 should be at least like the education budget of 2011.
The Spanish Minister of Education, Culture and Sports said:
  • "Public education is no longer contributing to our society".
  • "Populist temptation is everywhere, but when people say that government should help people instead of helping banks, the claim is formulated wrongly, because helping banks means helping people".
  • [About overcrowded schools] "We should bear in mind that, besides learning, kids go to school to mingle with other kids, communicate with each other, have different experiences… And this would be very difficult if there were few kids in each classroom”.
  • [About the brain drain] "I don’t think it should be called brain drain. It is not negative at all to have young people with skills and willingness to move around, who can speak foreign languages, who are willing to live far from home, who wish to broaden their professional scope…".
  • "The concept of school community is abusive and invasive. The idea of a managing board made up of parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff is not possible because schools are not a democracy, as education is not a democratic process”.
  • "What do you mean that some families do not have enough resources to pay school taxes? Maybe these families prefer spending their money on other things than schooling ".
If you are against cuts in education, sign up here, and talk about it.

  1. José Ignacio Wert:
  2. Campaign Lo que hay que Wert:
  3. Educación Sin Fronteras:
  4. Sign here against the cuts in education:


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