Monday, January 28, 2013

Cluster bombs in Syria

Some time ago we wrote a post about cluster bombs, reporting that even if in 2008 an international treaty was passed to ban the use, manufacture, sale, manipulation and storage of cluster bombs, the truth is that this type of bombs are still circulating. They are mainly used to terrorise civilians because this type of bomb devastates large areas without telling the difference between civilians and military targets. 
The NGO Human Rights Watch published a report accusing the Syrian Government to use these bombs against civilians, causing the death of at least eleven kids during a bombing in November 2012. And it is not the first time that this NGO reports the use of such bombs in Syria.
According to this NGO, Syria is not the only country using cluster bombs. Libya (during Gaddafi’s regime) and Thailand also used these bombs against civilians. In the case of Syria, cluster bombs were manufactured in the Soviet Union during the seventies.
For the moment, only 16 countries condemned the use of cluster bombs in Syria, and Spain is not included in this list… What a coincidence! It just so happens that Gaddafi’s cluster bombs used against his civilians were manufactured in Spain. In the town of Saragossa, to be precise, where the company Instalaza manufactures weapons, including cluster bombs until 2008, when they were banned. 
And guess who was the consultant and representative of Instalaza during the years in which this company manufactured and sold cluster bombs to Gaddafi? None other than Pedro Morenés, the current Spanish Minister of Defence. Maybe that’s why Spain does not condemn the attack of the Syrian regime.

  1. Post at Delivering Data about cluster bombs:
  2. Report by the NGO Human Rights Watch about the use of cluster bombs in Syria:
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  4. Pedro Morenés, the Spanish minister of Defence:


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