Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Justice and corruption

Some weeks ago, an opinion poll was published at Metroscopia website, gathering Spanish citizen’s opinion about justice and corruption, and the results were rather discouraging.
To the question "Do you think that the investigation on Gürtel case will be completed on a reasonable amount of time and those involved will be eventually prosecuted and condemned?", 78% of respondents replied that they don’t. When this same question is formulated for Urdangarin case, the answer is quite similar: 77% replied that they don’t.
When those polled are asked why justice is so slow when dealing with corruption cases, most people have a clear answer: 85% believe that political parties and lobbies put pressure, and 65% believe that judges are afraid of the negative consequences of such trials on their professional careers if bigwigs are eventually condemned. 
Also, 87% of respondents consider that a unit of anticorruption judges should be created, as there is a unit of anticorruption prosecutors.

Metroscopia website: http://www.metroscopia.org/
“Clima social” survey, March 2013: http://www.metroscopia.org/climasocial/item/clima-social-octubre-2012-copy-2-copy-copy-copy-copy?category_id=3


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