Sunday, May 26, 2013

Armed kids

Some weeks ago, mass media reported a sad piece of news from Kentucky, in the USA. Once again, a kid (this time a two-year-old girl) was shot and killed by her five-year-old brother with a rifle. The news stated that it was an "accident". But how can we consider it an accident when parents give a rifle to a kid? In this case, this is literally what happened: it was not an adult’s rifle left on a table unattended, but it was a child-size rifle given to him as a gift, specifically marketed to children as 'My First Rifle'
by the company Cricket, specialised in weapons for kids. Just like that: weapons for kids.
When we started writing this post, on the day after the fatal accident, we checked the company’s catalogue on its website: However, as you can see if you click on the link, this website is not found any more. But here you have some pictures:

This tragedy is one among many others and it will be used by those who advocate for a better control of firearms in households. But in the US, owning a gun is a constitutional right and most US citizens agree with it, so it won’t be easy to change. A good example of the lack of control over firearms, which is considered to be usual in US households, is the campaign of some mothers who denounce that there is a national schizophrenia about this issue: there are laws overprotecting kids (like the law banning the Little Red Riding Hood tale at school because the little girl on the story carries a wine bottle on her basket) while kids are allowed to own and use firearms.

Last week, while newspapers were busy talking about the Kentucky tragedy, a group of parents from Michigan claimed that Anna Frank’s Diary should be also banned from school. Their reason: this book is too pornographic because the female protagonist discovers her own body, and children should not have access to such dangerous material.

  1. The news about the toddler shot dead by her brother:
  2. The claim to ban Anna Frank’s Diary for being too pornographic:


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