Monday, June 17, 2013

Should society accept homosexuality?

This is the question asked by the think tank Pew Research Center to 37,653 people in 39 different countries to draw a survey about the acceptance of homosexuality around the world.
According to this survey, Spain is the country where homosexuality is most accepted: by 88% of respondents. However, we should take into account that such countries as Belgium, Norway, Sweden or The Netherlands, where homosexuality is well accepted, are not included in this survey. Therefore, if this survey was truly global, Spain would probably not rank the first.
The country with most homophobic respondents (again, according to this survey) is Nigeria, with only 1% of acceptance. In fact, five of the six African countries included in this survey show an acceptance degree of less than 8% (Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria), and the sixth (South-African Republic) shows an acceptance of only 32%.
In the Middle East, figures are quite similar: 2% in Tunisia, 3% in Egypt and Jordan and 4% in Palestinian territories, but also 18% in Lebanon and 40% in Israel, where homosexuality is better accepted. However, none of Middle East countries reaches 50% acceptance.
In Latin America, figures seem to be better. Of the seven surveyed countries, only two (Bolivia and El Salvador) show an acceptance of less than 50%. The rest of Latin American countries in this survey (Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina) seem to accept homosexuality much better, although none of them reaches 75%.
In the Asia/Pacific region, homosexuality acceptance is very variable: 79% in Australia or 73% in the Philippines, but 2% in Pakistan or 3% in Indonesia.
Canada and the United States also show a fairly good acceptance of homosexuality: the former by 80% whereas the latter by 60%.
In Europe, it is worth highlighting the case of France, where in six years the level of acceptance dropped from 83% to the current 77%, fruit of the open debate about same-sex marriage and the strong campaigns launched by the extreme right parties against the gay community. On the other hand, figures are reversed in Germany: in five years, homosexuality acceptance has increased from 81% to 87%, ranking number two after Spain, and the third position is for the Czech Republic, with 80%.
The countries with a less stable attitude in relation to homosexuality are South Korea, from 18% to 39%, more than double, and the Unites States, from 49% to 60%, only in five years in both cases. The reverse situation is observed in France, as stated before, and in Turkey (from 14% to 9% due to the governmental campaigns launched by the conservative Islamic party), as well as in the Palestinian territories, from 9% to 4%.

  1. The Pew Research Center:
  2. The global divide on homosexuality report, which you can read online:


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