Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Abolitionist against retentionist countries

By the end of the 60s there were only 55 abolitionist countries with no death penalty. At present, this number has increased up to 140 abolitionist countries, so there are only 58 countries where the death penalty is retained.
However, not all 140 abolitionist countries have the same laws in relation to the capital punishment. In fact, we could divide these countries into 3 different categories:
•    Abolitionists for all kinds of crimes: 97 countries
•    Abolitionists only for ordinary crimes: 8 countries
•    Abolitionists in practice (death penalty could be applied by law but it is never applied): 35 countries
Next map clearly shows which countries fall into each category and where they are located: 

For those who naively think that Europe is an oasis and it has always been, just some data: Spain abolished the death penalty for all kinds of crimes in 1995 (up until that time, article 15 of the Spanish Constitution accepted that military judges could apply the death penalty in times of war). And not only is Spain a newly abolitionist country: the United Kingdom abolished the death penalty in 1998, Greece in 2004 and Latvia in 2012.

  1. A post at Delivering Data about the history of abolition of capital punishment: http://www.deliveringdata.com/2012/12/light-against-death-penalty.html
  2. List drawn by Amnesty International of abolitionist and retentionist countries: http://www.amnesty.org/en/death-penalty/abolitionist-and-retentionist-countries
  3. Article 15 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978:
  4. http://www.congreso.es/consti/constitucion/indice/index.htm



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  10. Maybe we wouldn't reach the death penalty if we enforced the punishments for behaviours that might lead to homicide.